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Kamstrup Heat & Cooling Meters

UK distributor, stockist and customer service provider of Kamstrup Multical heat and cooling energy meters providing free life time technical support and tenant billing services.


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Kamstrup Multical Heat & Cooling Meters

Kamstrup Multical 302

The Kamstrup Multical 302 heat or cooling meter is the economic compact range available in 1/2" BSP and 3/4" BSP sizes only with a 6 or 12 year non-replaceable battery and wired or wireless M-Bus output. This meter has a 1.2m fixed display cable and integrated 1.5m temperature sensors with no option for longer cable length.

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Kamstrup Multical 403

The Kamstrup Multical 403 heat meter is the mid-range meter available in 1/2" BSP to DN50 size with one optional communication module. The cable between the display and flow meter is fixed at 1.5m length and cannot be disconnected either end. This meter has a replaceable battery or AC power supply and the option for 1.5m, 3.0m, 5.0m or 10.0m temperature sensors.

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Kamstrup Multical 603

The Kamstrup Multical 603 is available in 1/2" BSP to DN300 size and has two communication slots for optional output(s). The standard length 2.5m display cable between the calculator and flow meter is available in longer lengths if required and can be disconnected at the calculator end and flow meter end on DN150 and larger meters. This meter has a replaceable battery or AC power supply and the option for longer temperature sensor cable lengths.

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